What is the maximum CPU time and system resources I can get on Shared account?

The limitations of CPU and computing resource usage that Host Color applies to Shared Hosting accounts are higher than those which most of the other Shared Hosting providers set! Depending of your account you are allowed to use the following CPU time and computing resources:

Blog Hosting (Blogan)

Blog owners, who use our Blog Hosting service plan may not occupy 15% or more of the system resources on their accounts for more than one (1) minute.

CMS Hosting (Content)

The users of CMS Hosting accounts may not occupy more than 18% or more of the system resources for more than one (1) minute.

Social Web Hosting (Social Web)

If you host your website on Social Web Hosting plan, you can use up to 20% of the system resources for one (1) minute.

E-Commerce Hosting (Web Mall)

Our customers who have E-Commerce Hosting accounts (Web Mall) can scale up the CPU and resource usage up to 22% of the total resources available on the system for one (1) minute.

Multi Domain Hosting (Multi Site)

Multi Site customers are allowed to use 25% of the system resources for a time period of one (1) minute.

The limitations has been set in Host Color's Service Level Agreement and/or in the Terms of Service. If you want to increase the resource usage you can either upgrade to the next Shared Hosting plan or to open support ticket from your Account Zone and to request resource increase.

Tip: Please be advised that any resources increase for a Shared account will be invoiced for all service months left until the expiration date of the account.

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