What kind of billing and invoice overdue policies do you follow?

For customer's convenience all web hosting service plans are set to recurring billing. Please note that you can get excluded from recurring billing at any time. However we strongly recommend you to keep the recurring billing active in order to prevent a lose of ownership over your domain name and to make sure that you account will not be suspended because of unpaid invoices. Having the recurring billing "switched on" you will also avoid paying late payment fees which apply to invoices overdue.

All Shared Hosting service plans for accounts, which are not set on a recurring billing must be renewed prior to the expiration date. If the customer does not renew a Shared plan they are given a grace period of 5 business days. 12 hours after the expiration date of the account Host Color adds a late payment fee* to customer's unpaid invoice. During the grace period the customer can renew the account by paying the invoice and the late payment fee.

If the service has not been renewed within 5 business days after the expiration date the customer's Shared account will be deleted from the server.

All Reseller Accounts, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting plans are on recurring billing by default. Any customer is allowed to switch off the recurring billing, but a late payment fee will apply to invoices due.

All SSL certificates and Domain names are also set on recurring billing be default. Customer can decide on whether to switch off the manual billing.

* The late payment fee is 2.5% of the total amount of the invoice due. There is a "Late Fee Minimum" of $0.95.

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