How do I cancel a Shared or Reseller service?

To cancel a Shared Hosting or Reseller hosting service or product, please log in to your Account at at and go to "My Services". You will see all the hosting plans you have in your account. Click on the icon located on the right to the due date of the service plan. You will enter into the plan's profile in a section called "Product Details".

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button "Request Cancelation". We will receive your cancelation request and if you are eligible for cancellation, we will either: a) Close your service on the expiration date; or b) If you have requested "Immediate Cancelation", we'd terminate your account.

Please note that Host Color accepts cancelation requests only for accounts in good standing that have no overdue Invoices. Please note that each cancelation request is subject to approval.

Important: Please note that you must pay all the invoices due before we accept "Request Cancelation". Requests to cancel Shared or Reseller accounts that have unpaid invoices will not be processed (Please check Can I cancel a service or product if I have unpaid invoice?).

Do you want to just put your Reseller account on hold for a certain period of time? You can keep a Reseller account in status "On Hold" for up to 3 months. The fee for keeping a Reseller account in status "Inactive" is $5/month. If you choose to keep the account "On Hold", please open a Support Ticket with a subject - "Put My Account in Status "Inactive".

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