How do I switch to Managed Shared Web Hosting account?

If you have Unmanaged Shred Web Hosting account with Host Colro and want to sign up for Managed service, please follow the steps desribed below:  

1. Please login to your account and click on "Quick Navigation Menu"
2. Click on "Web Hosting Order" section, in the right column
3. Click the link "Choose Another Category", which displays in the center of the screen under the main category "Managed Web Hosting" and then choose "Product Add-ons".
4. Choose the first product - "Managed Service (FMSA)" - and signup. This will turn your account to "Fully Managed".

Tip: Please do not forget to review the Fully Managed Service Account (FMSA) Terms And Conditions. They are customer friendly and will stay like that even if you skip reading them, but it is always a good idea to know your provider's terms :)
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