What does Managed Shared Web Hosting (FMSA) mean?

Managed Shared Web Hostign (also Fully Managed Shared Account or FMSA) is a management service that make possible for our web hosting customers to outsource the technical administration of their web hosting accounts and websites to Host Color. The term "Managed Hosting" is used maily to describe management and system administration services provided as a part of VPS and Dedicated Hosting (read Host Color Blog article "How Does Managed Shared Web Hosting Service Work?"). However, Host Color is happy to bring Managed services to small business Shared Hosting plans as "Fully Managed Shared Account" (FMSA).

You can switch any Unmanaged Shared Web Hosting account to Fully Managed and outsource the technical administration of your website(s) and web hosting account to Host Color in full, by paying a low cost monthly fee of $69. The FMSA includes up to four (4) hours or technical administration.

What does the Fully Managed Service Account (FMSA) give you?

1. Dedicated IPv4 Address (per client request)
2. Domain Validated SSL certificate (per client request)
3. Initial web hosting account technical audit, review, setup and optimization
4. Uptime monitoring
5. Computing resource utilization and optimization
6. Installation and management of premium Website Traffic Analytics
7. Installation, management and troubleshooting of WordPress based websites and plugins. Free Wordpress website design themes.
8. Installation, technical administration and troubleshooting of all Open Source software applications, part of Softaculous auto installer software library
9. Code and debugging of all Softaculous listed Open Source apps (up to 2 hours per month. Additional hours are charged at $14.95/hour)
10. Database, File & Email setup management (up to 3 hours per month. Additional hours a charged at $14.95/hour)
11. Security hardening
12. Domain and DNS management
13. Web Hosting account maintenance, internal service management and optimization
14. Troubleshooting
15. Online business consulting for all Fully Managed Service Account (FMSA) account holders on annual contracts

If you are current customer of Host Color, find out "How do I switch Unmanaged Shared Hosting account to Managed?".

All services listed above, provide our Small Business customers with up to 4 hours management service (FMSA) per month and save them a lot of time and a financial resources. The market price of four (4) hours of professional IT services, purchased with any niche managed service providers, vary between $200 and $1,000, depending on the company, region and company's policies. We believe that FMSA is a fantastic offering and a great opportunity for Host Color's customers to improve the overall process of technical administration of their web hosting accounts, websites and online operations. There also "Light" version of the Fully Managed Shared Account Service. Please review them below.

Managed Light 1: It is applied to Managed Blog Hosting plan by default and ncludes one (1) hour of management service per month.
Managed Light 2: Includes two (2) hours of management service per month. It is applied to Managed CMS Hosting by default.
Managed Light 3: Managed Light level includes up to tree (3) hours of technical administration service per month. It applies to Managed Social Web Hosting plan.
Managed 3: This FMSA service level applies to Managed E-Commerce Hosting featues tree and half (3.5) hours of management service per month.

Tip: Please note that if you are current customer of Host Color's Unmanaged Web Hosting services, this would be a shortcut to a FMSA managed service at lower cost.
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