My Shared account has expired. Can I receive backup copy without renewing it?

If your Shared Hosting account has expired and has been terminated, we may or may not have an archive backup copy. Host Color keeps copies of customers accounts as archive for a certains period of time. Please note that we don't have an obligation to backup and support expired accounts. Therefore we might not have an archive copy of your data. However, if for any reason, we still haven't deleted it, we could assign an administrator to extract data and to provide you with a backup copy. As you would assume, this is a paid service. There are two payment options available.

Renew Account
If you renew your Shared Hosting account, we will restore whatever copy of your data we have found in our archives. Please note that you may not hold Host Color liable for the quality of the backup copy of data, if you haven't renewed your account prior to the expirations date. If you choose to renew your account, we will provide you with a "best effort" service.

Purchase A Management Service

Our standard Management Service for Shared Hosting plans is called CDF (Code Debugging & Fixes). It is delivered and charged on per hour basis and is available to cPanel Shared Hosting Account holders. If you have chosen to use this servie to get an archive copy of your expired Shared Hosting account, without renewing it, a Host Color representative should do whatever is possible to provide you with the latest copy of your Shared account. Please just purchase the CDF service. It is nonrefundable and is priced at $39/hour*.

* We'd expect that the htime we'd need to restore your data from our archives should not exceed 2 hours.

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