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How do I cancel a Dedicated hosting service?

The cancelation of any dedicated server is subject to contractual terms! To cancel a Dedicated Server Hosting and Services, please login to your Account Management And Customer Service Portal at and go to "My Services". You will see all Dedicated Server Hosting plans you have with Host Color. Please click on the icon located right to the due date of the Dedicated hosting service, to open section called "Product Details". Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button "Request Cancelation".

Please be advised that, unless any specific contract term has been specified in any Online Service Order, offline Service Srder or in written communication, your Dedicated Server Hosting and Services are at annual contract. If you "Request Cancelation" prior to the expiration of your contract, all invoices for all upcoming services month will automatically become "Due".

There is a 30 day cancelation notice for Dedicated Server Hosting and Services on monthly contracts. This means that if you, for example, want to cancel a dedicated server contract from May 1st, you should submit request for cancelation no later than April 1st.

Host Color LLC approves cancelation requests, only after all the invoices "Due" for the service months until the end of the contractual term, are paid by the customer. So, please do not "Request Cancelation" unless you understand that you must need to pay all outstanding invoices, in order to cancel your Dedicated Server Hosting and Services.

Please be advised that if you have submitted “Cancelation Request”, but subsequently continued to use the Dedicated Server Hosting And Services after the requested date, due to miscommunication with Host Color Europe or for any other reason, without informing us, about that, Host Color Europe has a right to charge your Account, the applicable recurring monthly service fees.

Tip: Do you want to just put your Dedicated Server Hosting and Services "On Hold" for a certain period of time? You can keep a Dedicated server and your Account in status "On Hold" for up to 3 months by paying a fee equivallent of the 20% of your monthly bill. If you choose to keep the account "On Hold", please Open a Support Ticket with subject - "Put My Dedicated Server in Status "On Hold".

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