What does "Burstable Bandwidth" mean?

"Burstable" bandwidth means that the Internet channel capacity of the cusstomer's web hosting account (Shared Hosting), instance (VPS, Cloud Server), physical server (Dedicated Hosting), or Colocation unit. Bandwdith is not the same as "Data Transfer". "Burstable" bandwidth means that any customer could consume more Internet traffic (Data Transfer) than the contracted limitation in one's IT hosting service plan, in order to be able to take the load and deliver content during any temporary Internet traffic spikes. For example a service plan could feature 10 Mbps monthly bandwidth, but at the same time the customer's account would be setup at 100 Mbps or 1 Gpbs speed limit.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting (also called name-based and IP-based "Virtual Hosting Accounts" or "Virtual Hosts") are hosted on physical servers connected on 1 GigE ports. Each web hostign account coudl take a significant Internet traffic spike, which could reach few hundreds of Mbps.  

VPS, Virtual Machines & Cloud Servers

All VPS, VM and Cloud Servers of Host Color are set by default to 100 Mbps logical Intenet channel limit. At the same time a customer's servie plan could feature a 1000 GB Internet traffic limit. 1000 GB measured traffic (VPS Start virtual server features this limit as of July, 2014) accounts at 3,09 Mbps only. This does not mean that we limit the speed of the Internet connectivity to 3.09 Mbps. It is set at 100 Mbps, which would allow an owner of the hosting instance to deliver content during any Internet triffic spikes.

Deicated Servers and Colocation 

All Dedicated Serves and Colocation plans are connected to 1 GigE physical interfaces (unless the customer requested to be at 10 GigE port).

Tip: Please note that term bandwidth do not describe the amount of data transferred to or from a website, hosting account or server within a certain period of time. The more accurate phrase to describe bandwidth consumption accumulated over a month is  "Data Transfer" or "Monthly Data Transfer".
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