How do I configure and use SpamAssassin anti-spam application?

Please login to you cPanel account and to go to the section named "Mail". You will find SpamAssassin icon there. The first step is to, click on "Enable SpamAssassin" and to switch on the anti spam filtering. Alternatively you'd click "Disable" to switch it off.

How does SpamAssassin work?

SpamAssassin will start screening the incoming email messages and will be assigning a score to each of them, based on its SPAM characteristics. There are 10 levels one could use. The default one is 5. It means that SpamAssassin considers messages with a score of 5 to be SPAM. Anyone could increase or decrease the SPAM score in order to make it more effective. Please note that the lower the score is, the more strict the filter will be! However, we suggest you not to opt in for score 1, 2 or 3 in order to make sure you;d not miss any important email, that SpamAssassin might incorrectly recognize as SPAM. So start with score number 5 of 4.

Score 0 means that all the incoming email messages will be marked as SPAM. Score 10 means none of the incoming email messages will be considered and marked as SPAM.

Option "Auto-Delete Spam"

There is an option named "Auto-Delete Spam" below the score. If yo unable it, the SpamAssassin will start automatically deleting email messages which have the same or higher SPAM score than the one chosen by the email user. If "Auto-Delete Spam" is switched on, one can disabled it by clicking "Disable Auto-Delete Spam" button on the right.

Email Filtering Option in section "Mail"

You can apply email filtering with SpamAssassin. In order to use it, create "Spam Box" by login into webmail and creating a folder called "Spam". After you have "Spam Box" enabled, the SPAM messages will be sent directly to the folder named "Spam". This will allow the email user to review all e-mail messages marked as "SPAM" before getting them deleted. To switch on the Spam Box, click "Enable Spam Box" in the Spam Box section.
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