How to migrate my cPanel based hosting account to Host Color?

Before starting any migration, please make up a back-up copy of your data. If you haven't signed up with yet, please note that our "cPanel to cPanel" migration service costs only $5 (one time fee). So if you don't want to bother yourself website moving, just add the "cPanel to cPanel" migration add-on service to your web hosting order and leave the account migration to Host Color technical support operators. If you want to do the migration yourself, please note that it will takе betwen 1 and 4 hours. At some point you might need to open a Support Ticket in your "Accoun Zone" and to request assistance. Please note that we do not charge fees to assist our customers with an account migration.

So, if you are ready to start with an account migration of your Shared Hosting account from a cPanel "Domain Owner Panel" to Host Color, please follow these instructions:

1. Login to your cPanel "Domain Owner Panel" and click the "Backup" icon.
2. Click on the "Download or Generate a Full Backup" button. This will create a backup of your e-mail accounts, MySQL databases and files.
3. Leave the drop down on Home Directory and make sure that you have a valid e-mail address in the second box. Leave the other boxes empty.
4. Now click the "Generate Backup" button and wait. An e-mail confirmation should arrive on your e-mail.

At this stage you should have a backup copy of your account. Let's now migrate and restore your website at your new Shared Hosting account on Host Color server.

1. Open the e-mail message sent to confirm your backup. You should see the name the backup file there.
2. Login to you Account Zone at and open a support ticket with subject "Hosting Account Restore". Please provide us with the following information:

Account Registration Email:
Main Domain Name:
What To Restore: Describe files, directories, databases, etc. you want to be restored. If you want the entire account restored, please type "Entire Account".
Backup File Name:
Important: Please fill in the information correctly, provide us with the name of your backup file and please tell us are the files saved in your "Home" directory.

3. Please wait our techniclal support operators to respond to the support ticket and to confirm that the task is complete. If we have asked any questions, please answer them as soon as you can.
4. Once we have confirmed that the account is restored, please check your website(s) by visiting your temporary URL.
Please note that some websites are not fully functional when browsing them using a temporary URL. To make a website 100% functional, you must change the Name Servers (DNS) of your domain name to those Host Color has provided to you in your account "Welcome Mail".
5. You are good to start your website on a Host Color's server! Feel free to repeat this procedure for as many websites/accounts you want to migrate to our high quality network.

Tip: Please read article "Fixing issues with your database on a restored account".

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