What is CDN and and do I need this service?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of connected servers placed in different geographical locations. Copies of your website static contenet (HTML and images) are stored in these servers. This makes possible for your website visitors to load the site's web pages from a server which is close to their physical location.

Example: If your website is hosted in our core data center, near Chicago, and if you have CDN capabilities enabled for your account, an Internet user who lives in UK will load your web pages from UK based server, instead of going to Chicago. This will lower the average round trip delay, from 90 to 2 milliseconds.

The CDNs Host Color could enable for your account/server will improve access to the data they cach by increasing access bandwidth and redundancy and also reducing access latency. The website data content cached in the CDN we use include text, graphics, URLs as well as some some scripts, downloadable objects and database queries.

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