How Do I activate CloudFlare CDN service on my Host Color account?

Please login to your cPanel "Domain Owner Panel" control panel, scroll down to the section "Software/Services" and click on the CloudFlare icon.

What doest CloudFlare do?

CloudFlare is a CDN service which acts as a proxy between your visitors and your server (account). It caches the static content for your website and keeps it into a server network located in 14+ data centers worldwide. This makes possible for visitors of sites hosted in servers to open web pages from a point, which is near their location. This makes your website loading very fast. The technology used by this CDN compresses the data on the websites and stops illegitimate requests, so the servers concentrate on legitimate traffic.

What are the benefits of CloudFlare?

The advantages of using the CDN service on your Shared Hosting account feature:

  • Faster website load on web browsers - CloudFlare proxy servers are located in different POPs around the world. This mean that your visitors will likely see web page load speed improvements because the cached content will be delivered to them from the closest caching point, instead of directly off your Host Color server. Your web site will open faster and you should expect improved visitor's experience.
  • Lower CPU usage, bot and threat protection - Using ClpoudFlare you will get a fewer requests hit on your account hosted with This will lower the overall CPU usage of your account and will save your resources. The CDN also uses data from its community, form Project Honey Pot and other sources to identify malicious threats on the web and stop any attacks before they get to your site. Through a web based dashboard ( you can see which threats are being stopped.
  • Spam comments protection - CloudFlare reduces the number of spam comments on your site
  • Alerting visitors of infected computers - The CDN alerts Internet users who have an infected computer that they need to take action to clean up the malware or virus. Anyone who has an inefected computer can still access to your site through a CAPTCHA.

What are the limitations of this CDN service?

  • The requests to your website have to be directed to instead of (which requires minor configuration changes).
  • It is possible CloudFlare service to affect the performance and results of any internal statistic programs that read directly from Apache logs. However it should not affect any web-based analytic programs that use JavaScript (like Piwik stats ot Google Analytics).
  • This CDN service caches static content from your site. This reduces the load on your server, but if you make a change to an existing static file or an image, you migh experience a delay before the change appears online. We suggest you to put CloudFlare CDN service in "Development Mode" before start updating your site. This will make the changes to your content appear immediately.
  • The curent basic mode (Free service) of CloudFlare is not compatible with SSL certificates. If you need to use an SSL certificate on your website, you either need toswitch off the CLoudFlare or to have the SSL protected content hosted on a Subdomain.

As of December 2012 Host Color has activated the Free account level of CloudFlare for our servers. We do not charge for this service, unless you opt out to use a paid version.

After the CDN service is enabled for your account, your website visitors should experience a lower latency for your site from 60 major IT cities and regions including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, etc.

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