What does the 999,999 GB* monthly bandwidth mean?

We have set the bandwidth limit for two of our web hosting service plans - E-Commerce Hosting (Web Mall) and Multi Domain Hosting (Multi Site) to 999,999 GB of monthly bandwidth. You have probably seen that most Shared Hosting providers offer "Unlimited Bandwidth". "Unlimited Bandwidth" is a data transfer offering, which is hard or even impossible to justify, because it does not exist.

We want to be honest with our customers and must say that we do not expect any of the customer of the Wab Mall and Multi Sit plans to use 999,999 GB of monthly bandwidth on a Shared Hosting plan. Your account can not handle the load.

How should you understand "999,999 MB monthly bandwidth"?

Host Color offers "999,999 MB monthly bandwidth" (Data Transfer) with some web hosting plans, or where specifically indicated. Shared Hosting plans that use data transfer with 999,999 MB bandwidth restriction have the following physical constraints: (a) The user may not occupy 20% or more of system resources in an account for more than one (1) minute. This limit does not include resources occupied by programs or activities involving scripts like CGI, FTP, PHP, HTTP requests, etc.; (b) The user is not authorized to perform any processes on the server(s) which contains the hosting account privately. This includes all daemons, such as IRCD; (c) The user shall not use any data collecting program or index, including Google Cash/AdSpy in hosting accounts within the shared hosting plan (Shared Hosting); (d) The user does not have the right to use any software that communicates with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network; (e) The user is not authorized to perform bit torrent applications, or any similar programs; (f) The user is not entitled to participate with your account in any system for sharing files, or peer-to-peer activities; (g) The consumer does not have the right to store games and server applications like counter-strike, half-life and others.; (h) The user is not authorized to perform cron operations in intervals smaller than 20 minutes.

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