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Folder About Host Color (3)
Learn more about us! Get to know Host Color!
Folder I. Shared Hosting (52)
Answer on questions about account set up and main settings.
Folder II. Domains & DNS (12)
Domains, Subdomains, DNS and other related questions and answers.
Folder III. Email & Mailing FAQ (8)
Mail setup, POP3, Webmail, Mailing Lists, etc.
Folder IV. Backup & Restore (3)
Back-up and website recovery questions and answers.
Folder V. Disc Space (2)
FAQ about allocated disc space on hosting accounts.
Folder VI. Bandwidth (2)
Data transfer (bandwidth) questions and answers.
Folder VII. Statistics & Analytics (1)
Questions and answers about statistics and tools
Folder VIII. Account & Profile (12)
Learn how to better manage your Account Zone
Folder X. SSL & E-Commerce (8)
SSL certificates and E-commerce F.A.Q
Folder XX. Reseller FAQ (2)
Reseller Account management Q&A.
Folder XXI. Virtual Server FAQ (8)
VPS question and answers
Folder XXII. Dedicated Server FAQ (5)
Find answer about HC servers
Folder XXIII. Colocation FAQ (3)
Find Answer about HC Colocation
Folder XXIV. Cloud Hosting (3)
Cloud F.A.Q. Understand our Cloud.
Folder XXV. Value Added Services (4)
Add-on services F.A.Q.
Folder XXVI. WordPress F.A.Q. (3)
Tips on WordPress blog management.
Folder XXVII. Promotions & Coupons (1)
F.A.Q. related to our promotional campaigns.

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Article How do I transfer my WordPress blog to Host Color?
If you are moving your WordPress based site from a hosting provider where you used to use cPanel, please make full backup copy of you website. We...
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Article What does "Premium Bandwidth" mean?
When we say "Premium Bandwidth" we don't mean any specific IP transit providers. We decide whether any Internet connection bandwidth is...
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Article How to access my Host Color Account?
Please go to This is the home page of Host Color's Customer Service portal. There is a login form on the right...
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Article How long does it take for a Subdomain to be propagated?
This can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. You can access the subdomain by using until the subdomain's DNS...
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Article Where do I go to login to my control panel?
Please go to and use the designated username and password to login to your cPanel account with Host Color. If you...
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