Questions & Answers (F.A.Q)

Questions & Answers (F.A.Q)


About Host Color 4

Learn more about us! Get to know Host Color!

I. Shared Hosting 55

Answer on questions about account set up and main settings.

II. Domains & DNS 12

Domains, Subdomains, DNS and other related questions and answers.

III. Email & Mailing FAQ 8

Mail setup, POP3, Webmail, Mailing Lists, etc.

IV. Backup & Restore 3

Back-up and website recovery questions and answers.

V. Disc Space 2

FAQ about allocated disc space on hosting accounts.

VI. Bandwidth 3

Data transfer (bandwidth) questions and answers.

VII. Statistics & Analytics 1

Questions and answers about statistics and tools

VIII. Account & Profile 12

Learn how to better manage your Account Zone

X. SSL & E-Commerce 8

SSL certificates and E-commerce F.A.Q

XX. Reseller FAQ 2

Reseller Account management Q&A.

XXI. Virtual Server FAQ 8

VPS question and answers

XXII. Dedicated Server FAQ 6

Find answer about HC servers

XXIII. Colocation FAQ 7

Find Answer about HC Colocation

XXIV. Cloud Hosting 3

Cloud F.A.Q. Understand our Cloud.

XXV. Value Added Services 4

Add-on services F.A.Q.

XXVI. WordPress F.A.Q. 3

Tips on WordPress blog management.

XXVII. Promotions & Coupons 1

F.A.Q. related to our promotional campaigns.

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