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File Management & FTP 6

Find out how to easily manage your files.


Can I use Cron Jobs? Are there any limits?

Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Linux OS. It allows an owner of a hosting account to schedule a task to be executed sometime in the future. Ususally site owners use Cron to schedule a job that is executed periodically - for...

Can I use Private Name Servers on IP-based Shared Hosting account?

No! There is no such option in cPanel. If you need to use Private Name Servers we suggest you to review our low cost Reseller Accounts.

Do you offer Litespeed with Shared Hosting services?

No! However you can use Litespeed with any Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated hosting plan.

Fixing issues with your database on a restored account

After you have restored your database, you might get any errors when trying to view your website. What would be those errors: Error establishing a database connection orWarning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user:...

How Do I activate CloudFlare CDN service on my Host Color account?

Please login to your cPanel "Domain Owner Panel" control panel, scroll down to the section "Software/Services" and click on the CloudFlare icon. What doest CloudFlare do? CloudFlare is a CDN service which acts as a proxy between your...

How can I change a cPanel username?

This functionality is not available within cPanel. Since the site is tied heavily to the username (home directory, configurations, etc), there is no option to modify the username.

How can I find the path of a file on the server?

Please check the statistics area of cPanel for your home directory. That directory (usually /home/username/) contains your files. For example, if your username is joe and you put a file in public_html called index.php, the file may be...

How can I forward my old website to my new site?

You can do this with a redirect. You will need to go to the old site's cPanel (control panel) interface and then go to "Redirects". Set the old site's index page to redirect to the new site's index page. Alternatively, if you wish for...

How can I get username and password for my control panel?

Please open the Welcome Mail (Web hosting account activation email) which you have received when your order was approved. You will find your cPanel login details there. If you have lost this email, please login to your AccountÂ...

How do I switch to Managed Shared Web Hosting account?

If you have Unmanaged Shred Web Hosting account with Host Colro and want to sign up for Managed service, please follow the steps desribed below:  1. Please login to your account and click on "Quick Navigation Menu"2. Click on "Web...

How do I transfer my WordPress blog to Host Color?

If you are moving your WordPress based site from a hosting provider where you used to use cPanel, please make full backup copy of you website. We will help you restore it. This will save you time and you will not need to follow steps...

How do I upload my web page files from my computer hard drive?

You can upload files to your hosting account through the "File Manager" in your cPanel control panel. Click on "File Manager", and then scroll down to the directory you want to put the files in. You can also use an external FTP program...

How to access my Host Color Account?

Please go to This is the home page of Host Color's Customer Service portal. There is a login form on the right menu. You can also follow this link

How to change my control panel password?

Please go to "Change Password" area to change your cPanel account password. In the X theme, it is on the main screen. In the X3 theme, it is under "Preferences" on the main screen.

How to migrate my cPanel based hosting account to Host Color?

Before starting any migration, please make up a back-up copy of your data. If you haven't signed up with yet, please note that our "cPanel to cPanel" migration service costs only $5 (one time fee). So if you don't want to...

I can not log into my cPanel? is there a login address other than

Please try (where is your domain name). If this does not work, please create support ticket from your "Account Zone" or call us at 1-888-222-1495. We will respond to your support ticket...

I reset my password, but didn't received the new one on my e-mail. What to do?

Do you have any spam filtering programs activated? If you do, please make sure it does not classify the message from our Host Color as "Junk". Please goto your "Spam" or "Junk" email folder and mark the e-mail messages sent from Host...

My Shared account has expired. Can I receive backup copy without renewing it?

If your Shared Hosting account has expired and has been terminated, we may or may not have an archive backup copy. Host Color keeps copies of customers accounts as archive for a certains period of time. Please note that we don't have an...

Shell access is not enabled?

If you get an error message when you try to log in through SSH it means that Shell Access is not enabled. Please note that Host Color does not offer SSH Access for shared hosting plans.

What does Managed Shared Web Hosting (FMSA) mean?

Managed Shared Web Hostign (also Fully Managed Shared Account or FMSA) is a management service that make possible for our web hosting customers to outsource the technical administration of their web hosting accounts and websites to Host...

What does a Fully Managed Shared Account mean?

The Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA) is a legacy website management service. The new Managed service called is "Fully Managed Service Account (FMSA) and is explained in artcile "What does Managed Shared Web Hosting (FMSA) mean?"

What is the PHP Memory limit on Shared account?

The allowed memory size (PHP memory limit) on the Multi Domain account is 268 435 456 (256 MB). On other Shared Hosting accounts it is 134 217 728 bytes (128 MB RAM).

What is the limit for concurrent processes on a Shared account?

All Shared Hostign accounts are limited to 30 simultaneous processes per cPanel's "Domain Owner Panel". If you exceed this limit you need to find out what causes this. It might be caused by checking your emails too many times in a...

What is the maximum CPU time and system resources I can get on Shared account?

The limitations of CPU and computing resource usage that Host Color applies to Shared Hosting accounts are higher than those which most of the other Shared Hosting providers set! Depending of your account you are allowed to use the...

When I log in through HTTPS I get a certificate mismatch warning. What should I do?

In general the answer would be "No, do not login to insecure websites!". However we can assure your that all the pages and login forms under Host Color address are safe. If you are getting such a message please notify us so we can...

Where do I go to login to my control panel?

Please go to and use the designated username and password to login to your cPanel account with Host Color. If you prefer to use secure connection use the URL:  

Which web address do I have to use to log in to cPanel?

These examples assume your domain name is If your domain does not yet resolve, you can use its IP address instead. This example assumes your IP address is...