Host Color's administrators are currently restoring some virtual hosting (Shared Hostign) accounts that reside on two (2) of our servers. The server run our own proprietary control panel NextColor. 15% of the virtual accounts on one of the servers and 5% on the other one have been compromised.

Please note that no cPanel based servers or accouns has been accessed or compromised.

What do we do to overcome the issue?

1. We are currently resoring the affected accounts from our back-up machines. Around 20% of the compromised accounts have been already successfully restored. We expect all compromised accounts to be up and running within less than 12 hours. All customer who experienced interuption of service are granted 1 free service month.

2. Our administration team investigates the issue. Once we have any information which might be useful for you we will update the announcement.

If your account is affected, please call 1-888-222-1495, open support ticket at or contacts us at

We appreciate your undertanding, your time and yoru business!

HCShark, Supervisor of Operations, Host Color LLC

Thursday, September 1, 2011

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