On September 27, at 2.00 am EST (6 am GMT; 7 am BST; 8 am CET) Host Color will migrate its South Bend, Indiana based infrastructure into a new power cycle. We will start switching the rack server cabinets to the new power cycle one by one (rack by rack), in order to minimize the interruption of services.

The migration will allow Host Color to improve the overall power delivery (power distribution, the way power drops are organized, etc.) and to increase the power capacity.

We expect the power supply interruption?per cabinet not to exceed few seconds. However, it will affect your services as any physical or virtual servers will reboot, after we switch them to the new power cycle. This means that you should expect a short interruption of services - between 5 - 10 minutes.

If you use any kind of virtualization, please contact Host Color's Support team, so we'd help you to preconfigure your server(s) in a way that they will boot properly and all virtual instances would return back online shortly.

Please also do not miss to send announcement about this scheduled interruption of services to your clients.

Thank you for oyur time and your business.

Host Color, Management Team
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Thursday, September 3, 2015

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